Let us pick up your shopping!

Because of Covid it is very difficult for Seafarers to get out to do the kind of shopping that they usually like to do. Therefore we have set up a system where by they can place an order and we (Saint John Seafarers Mission ) can pay for it, pick it up and deliver it to the ship. Sometimes the time lines are quite tight. When you think you are ready to order email me and lets work this out together. Eric Phinney, Chaplain Saint John Seafarers Mission.


Procedure for ordering from Walmart in Saint John

Appoint one member of the crew to be the liaison person. They can contact me on messenger, by email or phone 1(506)643-0799 sjseafarers@gmail.com

I will advise you of the Password to use for shopping at Walmart . The logon will be


Set the store location to:  Saint John East Supercentre

Fill the shopping basket with your items.    Make sure that they show that they are available. 

Maximum value to be less than $1000CDN

Maximum number of items 200

Email me at sjseafarers@gmail.com when the order is complete.    I will pay for it and then convert it to USD and bring it to the ship.  I will send you the total amount that you will pay in US cash.

Procedure for ordering from Best Buy

Go to http://bestbuy.ca

Creat an account using one of the crews email addresses.  

Make the Password Sjseafarers[name of ship]

Set the Postal code to E2H2J5 (this will ensure that you connect to the Saint John store)

As you find items you wish to purchase, select “pickup in Store”

You will fill in a form that says who will pick it up. Put in my information

When this is done email me at sjseafarers@gmail.com with your account name and Password.   I will send you confirmation that I have paid the store and tell you what you will own me in USD.   I will convert to USD and add a 5% handling fee. I will then arrange a delivery time to the ship. 

Do not put the order in until you know that the ship will be docking.   BESTBUY  will only hold the items for 24 hours. 

At some point it would be really great if each of the crew could fill in the survey below. It has been developed by the Mission to Seafarers in the UK and helps us tremendously to serve you better.


Eric Phinney

Port Chaplain Saint John


As of March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic. Port Saint John (“PSJ”) welcomes foreign seafarers from around the globe arriving aboard vessels entering the port. Recognizing the real potential for inadvertent transmission, we have taken the proactive step of suspending the physical operations of the Mission – both at its Tilley Road location and in respect of visits onboard vessels by the seafarers’ Chaplain. This precaution is taken out of concern for all involved, and to minimize the risk of exposure to our staff and volunteers and in turn the general public. During this period, the Mission will make contact information for the Mission’s Manager and Chaplain available to seafarers and ships’ agents and PSJ. We do so to allow the Mission to continue its operations remotely and/or to assist those in need. We will continue to monitor the situation and take such measures as directed by the authorities to ensure that we can open the doors to our physical location and resume aboard – ship operations as soon as advisable.