2022 Christmas Program

During the Christmas season, the Saint John Seafarers’ Mission provides gifts to the seafarers who are visiting our port. These gifts are packaged with the goal of giving items of necessity, with “a little something extra”, at a time when these men and women are feeling the loneliness of being away from their families. In 2021, with generous support from groups and individuals, the Mission distributed 152 Christmas packages to 7 ships. One of these packages was delivered to the Saint John Regional Hospital, where one crew member was recovering from illness. All expressed appreciation for the gifts and for thinking of them at this season of the year.  

Ideas for items you could include in a Christmas package:

  • Toiletries:  shampoo, body wash, soap, shave cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss,  mouth wash, deodorant, disposable razors, lip balm, comb, hand/body lotion, sanitizer, kleenex
  • Warm Items: gloves, socks, scarf, toque 
  • A Little Something Extra”:  Playing Cards, Game Book, Note Pad, Pen, Canada souvenir (pin/magnet/key chain), Candy, (individually wrapped), Chocolate bars, chips, gum, etc.
  • Christmas card

Note 1:  Please do not wrap individual items. Port security controls, in the US and Canada, impose a responsibility on us to scan the contents of any parcels before they go aboard ships (to assure Security that the packages are risk-free).    

If you want to support our Christmas Program but don’t want to do a ‘package’, another option would be to donate some items we generally have a shortage of (see ‘Note’) or to donate money for the program (tax receipts will be issued).        

Note 2:  We generally have a shortage of gloves, scarves, shampoo, deodorant, shave cream, hand lotion, lip balm

Note 3:  If you are packing the Christmas bag yourself, the suggested approximate size is smaller than in previous years [ 10 1/2” (h), 8 3/4”  (w) and 4 1/2” (d) ].  

Without help from others, we could not provide these gifts.  If you are interested in supporting this project, you may drop your Christmas donations at the Mission (92 Tilley Lane, Saint John).  To ensure the Mission is open OR if you need someone to pick up your items, please call Bev at (506) 635-1731 to make arrangements or email seaf@nb.aibn.com .

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